Sun, 30.09.2007
Doors Open: 21:00
The Callahan (swe) + Figure in Frame
Price: AK 9€ VVK 7€
From the suburbs of Stockholm comes the sound of The Callahan.
A music described as a hard kind of pop with a lot of catchy synthtunes. No audience has ever left a show without a feeling of mysterious pleasure.

The year was 2003. Mr keyboardist Andy Callahan had recently taken some stage steps forward and had become the singer and frontman of the band.
The Callahan did their first show with the new line up at the Popaganda Festival at Stockholm's University! Since then they've played all over Sweden at festivals and club gigs.
They?ve been compared to bands like The Strokes, The Sounds, David Bowie and swedish popbands from the nineties like Wannadies..

In January 2004, the band went to Malm? to record with Anders Alexander from Alice In Videoland. It resulted in the release of the album Hardpop in 2005, wich got many good reviews. The single ?melody that counts? rotated every day for several weeks on swedish radio.

Talking about reviews, the feedback after each liveshow has been tremendous both from the audience and writers of all kind. All the songs on the album were done with the thought of doing them live. So if you think The Callahan sounds good on the record, wait until you hear them live !!!


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