Tue, 11.12.2007
Doors Open: 21:00
The Accidents (ex-Voice of a Generation/SWE) + Low-down High
Price: AK 9€ VVK 7€
DJ Wild Evel (Staggers)

On a sunny south-European beach five years ago the idea of forming a true glue rock-n-roll band with a vicious punk attitude became a reality - The Accidents were born.

D. Vacuum decided to salute their own and their friends lifestyle in the lyrics referring to the three punkchords Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll. Ever since then the band has been spitting out raw and delicious little 7" vinyls, six of them so far. Not forgetting the killer s/t 10" and the full length debut All Time High (2004), which kicked and rushed in reviews all over. The band members have been playing in different punk bands since the late 80s, like streetpunk vigilantes Voice Of A Generation and the hailed underground cult legends,Genocide Superstars amongst others. But it wasn't until early 2005 they finally found out that The Accidents was IT! The gorgeous sunny beach of five years ago is now a filthy whiskey drenched dancefloor.

This handsome Accidental belgian blue-machine consist of: D. Vacuum (lead vocals/guitar), Fred Tank (bass), Omega (guitar) and Ric Rebel Jennings (drums). Their combined matchweight is nothing you wanna mess with, but if you really wanna feel like you've been knocked around the head, trying to analyze their sound will leave you dazed and seeing stars.

"Imagine when you finally get home from a night out and you are totally barfly. You think about getting some sleep but then you turn on, and turn up The Accidents, and then you're on it again"
D. Vacuum

The Accidents sure are capable of turning those shitty moods in life into something glorious. But they don't do silly songs that insult you, or try to give you a laugh for a moment. They deliver what affects you, and are out to tear you apart with classic tunes. Cause there is no first aid kit to disarm, nor salvation, when the heymakers of The Accidents hit your veins with punk rock values far beyond the concept of normalicy

Link: http://www.myspace.com/theaccidents

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