Mon, 28.04.2008
Doors Open: 21:00
Price: AK 12€ VVK 10€
I was born in Vienna on July 2. My father a Swedish mathematician, my mother an Austrian cello player. Due to dad?s line of work we moved around a lot during my childhood. America, the Soviet union and several eastern- and western European countries. This, of course, has influenced my music.

At an early age I started to fool around with different kinds of instruments. Piano, accordion, pump organ, guitar. Found out I had a special talent for singing and fronted several rock- and punk bands during my youth.

Inspired by the raw energy of Pixies, Nirvana and 16 Horsepower, the poetry of Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Bob Dylan, and the angst of Depeche Mode and Skip James, my own musical identity started taking form.

In 2005 my first solo album ?Can?t Stop Laughing? was released. It was recorded live in the studio in just three days. Vocals, two guitars and drums. Down to the core.

When I started to write the songs for ?Red Room Stories?, I realized I needed a totally different approach. A bigger, heavier and more cinematic sound. It all fell into place when I met gypsy violin player, Sara Jefta, in the beginning of 2007. She intuitively understood my music, playing strange ghost notes as well as writing beautiful arrangements for string quartet. The album was produced song by song, giving each tune its own character. Guest musicians from ?Moonbabies? and ?Sobsister? appear on the album.

?Red Room Stories? is a musical chowder. If you listen hard you can hear all my influences in there. I also poured all my heart in to it. Enjoy!


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