Mon, 10.03.2008
Doors Open: 21:00
Up-Tight (JP) + Primordial Undermind (US/A)
Price: AK 8€ VVK 6€
Up-Tight: With their ominous distorted guitar epics, burnt-out ballads and raucous mantric jams, Up-Tight head up the new generation of Japanese rock acts following in the footsteps of Fushitusha, Acid Mother's Temple, and Les Rallizes Denudes. Their intense playing displays startling post-Velvet Underground moves, with impassioned fathomless vocals floating on top of loose, acid-fried garage jams of hypnotic guitar squall . Up-Tight have released 4 critically-acclaimed albums on the Alchemy(Japan), Static(UK), and Galactic Zoo(US) labels, including a mind-blowing collaboration with the Acid Mothers' Makoto Kawabata.

"Blending brutalised tripping improv freak-outs with cosmic induced melodic soft psych... the influence of heroes Velvet Underground are keenly apparent, bleeding as they do into elements of early Floyd, Sabbath and Spacemen 3" - Losing Today

"Sabbath-styled dynamics, earsplitting acid leads and beautiful Velvets-inspired ballads... Just when you thought you'd got to grips with Tokyo's paradigm-destroying psych scene,this one hits like a sucker punch" - The Wire

Primordial Undermind: Mining the further regions of avant psych-rock for the past 15 years, PU leader Eric Arn began in the legendary Crystalized Movements (the Twisted Village flagship which spawned Magic Hour and Major Stars) in the 1980?s . A rotating membership typifies the band, and a restlessness to stay put underlies a steady progression from distorted, psychedelic Nuggets-esque overload to full-blown free instrumental rock, and everything in between. Just before relocating from Austin, Texas to Vienna, Austria in 2005, The band recorded 'Loss of Affect' (2006), the most outr? document of the Primordial Undermind sound, for the Strange Attractors label. They've released 5 previous albums on Emperor Jones (US), Camera Obscura (Aus), and September Gurls (Ger).


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