Sun, 16.03.2008
Doors Open: 21:00
Nola Efendi - CD Release Party + Coshiva
Price: AK 5€
dj sonix & viktor karate

Nola Efendi is the Austrian two-piece made up of the russian Songwriter Nikolaj Efendi and the electro-nerd C-Real. these two musicians have been working on elaborate beat/guitar symbioses since 2003. Their compositions take us through rhythm-driven landscapes in which additional effects underline the mesmerizing stories that Nola Efendi aim to convey with pure sound. Additionally fuelled by the melancholic timbre of Nikolajs voice, every Nola Efendi track will know how to captivate it?s listener - purposely refraining from conventional songwriting-rules. Nola Efendi haven been able to demonstrate their live skills in Austria, Slovenia and Germany up to present day - taking their sound experiments to another level by collaborating with guest-musicians on violin and percussion on stage.

COSHIVA - so nennt sich die sympathische Singer/Songwriterin mit Pop, Soul und Folk-Flavour. Nach Auftritten beim FM4-Frequency Festival,
Donauinselfest uvm. kommt Sie f?r einen Solo-Akustikauftritt mit Piano und Gitarre ins B72. Ein kleiner Live-Vorgeschmack f?r ihr zweites offizielles Solo-Studioalbum, welches am 25. April 2008 bei Hoanzl erscheinen wird. Mehr Infos auf //


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