Sun, 08.10.2006
Doors Open: 21:00
Support: Deckchair Orange

"I'm going to start a new band. You are the only good singer I know, and I want to tell you that this time it's for real."

I could recognize John's usually leisured, relaxed voice on the phone. But this time I could sense a trace of hidden excitement. The year was 1997; Three weeks earlier we had both been mesmerized by Jonny Greenwood & Co at the Ok Computer tour. That night had become our revelation, and we were probably not alone. At least hundred other bands must have been formed that night.

John had managed to convince Olle to join the band. (One year earlier Olle had sworn never to play again with his brother). The union between the brothers was important; together they would form a compact musical synergy that only biological siblings achieve.

We knew from the first day who we wanted as bass player, but due to earlier experiences Johan was deadly determined never to play in a Band again. It took us eight months to convince him to pick up the bass guitar.

The real challenge however was to find a good drummer; Södermalm was crowded with singer/songwriters and talented guitar players, but not one single good drummer. The best drummer that could be found in the area was actually John. A solution that would have been everything but optimal.

Adde became the last member to join, we found him playing drums in several hard core bands. When he arrived he played like he was fueled on nitroglycerin. Hard hitting and fast as a road racer. In the beginning we tried to make him play slower songs, but after a short struggle we gave up and jumped aboard the runaway train.

As an unsigned band we got our first recognition when P3 demo played one of our songs on Swedish radio. Since then we have had the opportunity to release two albums, and Tour in the US and Europe.

But this is merely the beginning. Because this time it's the real thing, just as John told me on the phone that day in late November 1997.



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