Mon, 29.01.2007
Doors Open: 21:00
The band was formed out of self-belief and dedication to making dreams come true. They are inspired by an all-consuming love of pop and a vision of a glorious future bedded in everyday reality. Spearmint show how dedication to the soul and spirit of pop really can change the world. Let me tell you how...

Formed in June 1995, Spearmint quickly pressed up a 7" single, 'Somebody' on their own label, hitBACK. They used an unauthorised Beatles sample which got them a couple of live shows. The followup, 'Goldmine', was released in 1996 sparking interest from Mark Radcliffe and helping get more gigs.

Playing scrabble on holiday, rubbing snow in your face outside a north London venue, classic Northern Soul records, mushrooms on toast ("It's willing so you've got the energy, but no too heavy so you can make the jumps and hit the notes"), local shops, windup toys, families, making people laugh, things people can relate to, things that make Spearmint real and observations that make them special.

Big shout to Blondie, the Beatles, New Order, Laverne and Shirley,William Shatner, Bee Gees, Shirley's brother, Marvin Gaye, The Said Liquidator, God's Gift to Women,
Flair, Big Bird, Supersaurus, Roger's Trout Farm, The Three Js. Remaining independent has meant spearmint have used the pop dream to achieve the pop
dream by forming a band and making the perfect album.

Spearmint have now played in Tokyo, Amsterdam, Paris, Oslo, Newport and Chalk Farm amongst other places.
Spearmint are:
Simon Calnan (keyboards, vocals)
Ronan Larvor (drums)
Shirley Lee (guitar, lead vocals)
Andy Lewis (bass)
James Parsons (guitar)


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