Tue, 23.01.2007
Doors Open: 21:00
Support: Deckchair Orange

Why on earth name a band "Hell on Wheels"?
Ask the band members and they'll tell you that it occurred after a full night of red wine and like 51 other suggestions. The band came together as a 4 piece but soon enough it was a three-man band. This happened the fall of 1994. Ten years later the band has made 3 fulllength albums, 3 Ep's, 5 Cd singles, 2 7" singles, and 5 videos...

They have played approximately 250 gigs. This includes numerous tours in Sweden, gigs in the UK, France, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Latvia, USA, Brazil and Japan.
The Band has a lot of influences and those set the mark of their music. The American indiescene together with the English equivalent from the late 80´s up til now constitute the base, together with the experiences of their daily life. Hell on Wheels is noticed first by Rickard
Lindgren (Singer, guitarist). His distinct voice is hard to forget and the way he play guitar is hard to copy...it's his own style. Ã?sa Sohlgren, bass player and back vocalist, is one of the coolest on stage. With a steady bass and angelic voice, she compensates the leadsman's frantic ways on stage. All is backed by drummer Johan Risberg's firm primal beat. Being
self-taught, the beats sometimes come out primitive but always with conviction.
To sum up the band, as you might understand, are very devoted to their music, they'll just play on and play on...
<a href="http://www.hellonwheels.nu" class="link4" target="_blank">www.hellonwheels.nu</a>

Die vier Herren aus Wien machen eines. Nämlich feinen Indie Gitarren Pop. Das dürfte sich sogar herumgesprochen haben. Der Anfang war die Vision im Strawberryfields Forever Liegestuhl, das Jetzt und Hier ist noch lange nicht das Ende!

Mit ihrer EP Tavira legen sie ihr Debut vor, zwischen englischem Nieselregen und kalifornischer Sonne pendelnd, mal hierhin mal dahin, aber immer ihrer eigenen Linie folgend, unverkennbar!


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