Mon, 12.02.2007
Doors Open: 21:00
Friday 1st September sees the release of Seafood?s fifth studio album, ?Paper Crown King? and marks the bands ten year anniversary.

Anyone who marvelled at previous Seafood albums couldn?t help being stunned by their intelligence and emotionally scaling sound. Unlike so many bands influenced by leftfield American guitar acts, Seafood brings a unique Anglo sensibility, as well as notable depth, down to the moshpit. At times, however, the band seemed intent on cramming every available space with de-tuned guitars and wonky FX. Nothing wrong with that, but Paper Crown King sees Seafood breathing out and inviting more in. ?There?s a lot more clarity with this record,? says signer/guitarist David Line, ?we recorded and produced it ourselves in our Walthamstow based studio, Neat Science Laboratories. This time round we?ve actually captured what we sound like live. It?s the best recording of the band yet?.

The album was mixed by their one-time producer, Eli Janney. From the menacing swagger of Between The Noise, the haunting beauty of Time And Tides, to the woozy, psychedelic pop of How You Going to Live Without Me, resplendent with drummer Caroline?s gorgeously fragile vocals, Paper Crown King is a sparkling assortment of heavy guitars, sophisticated melodies and intelligent lyrics.

Paper Crown King follows on from 2004's critically acclaimed album As The Cry Flows. Whilst it was a good year for the band musically, it was one David would rather try to forget. An attempt at touring the record around the time of its release was cut short when David?s lung began collapsing. When it collapsed for the seventh time during a German concert, he ended up spending a week in a Frankfurt hospital. On returning to the UK, and despite having had numerous surgical procedures, David spent a further ten months in and out of hospital as Doctors tried to figure out why his lung was still collapsing. The impact of his debilitating illness haunts his thoughts and lyrics too. On ?Signal Sparks? he yells ?don?t forget you are living? with as much joy as wearisome despair. ?In the end,? says David, ?doctors had to superglue my lung into my chest. I?m a walking miracle.?

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