Mon, 11.06.2007
Doors Open: 21:00
support: ASTPAI
DJ Schneida (Chilibox)

had been around for quite a few years, but I think it's safe to say that sometime late in 2004 marked a point where the band sorta died to be reborn again. We had a new singer for a year, we dropped almost every song we wrote for our second album because of that, we changed the way we wrote songs,... and most importantly I guess we took everything just a little more serious than we did before.
In Febuary 2005 we recorded a 6-song EP/Promo/Demo/whatever which we named "Arson Architecture". We released it D.I.Y., sent copies to several, both print and web-based, zines to have it reviewed, used it to let bookers and promoters know what we sounded like and to look for a label to release a new full-lenght album...

Shortly thereafter we had to change our line-up again when we decided to add a second guitar player and when we had to replace our bass-player who left to work in Australia. Early in 2006 we signed up with the Berlin-based label "Record of the Year" and started to work on a full-lenght
album. Since the initial pressing of Arson was on it's way out and not to be re-released we decided to put 6 new songs on it and re-record the 6 songs from that record. During all of this we played more and more shows, nearly 100 shows till September 2006. We toured Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and Belgium and supported bands like Boysetsfire, Bleeding Through, The Hope Conspiracy, Snapcase, ... (isn't name-dropping fun? ;))
We recorded the album in Linz/Austria at our own 'No Budget Studio' in May/April this year and had it mixed and mastered by Toni 'Meloni' Loitsch at the "Principal Studios" (Caliban, Waterdown, Donots, etc.), Münster/Germany in June/July. "THE OPPOSITE OF INDIFFERENCE" will be released worldwide by "Record of the Year" on September 1st 2006.
We're playing shows in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the UK.
I think that pretty much covers it. We're more than excited about both how the record turned out and the release of it. And we're really looking forward to take these songs on the road to play them IN YOUR HOMETOWN as well. THANK YOU!
We?re are touring band ? we live to be on the road and rockin? live in front of people, doesn?t
matter if it?s just for the promoter and/or one guest or in front of many thousands of people.
We put our entire energy, power and passion in our band and want to work with humans we like,
love and on who we can rely on. And the same way round too.

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