Thu, 05.06.2008
Doors Open: 21:00
NOVI SAD CD- Pr?sentation "Rise"
Price: AK 10€
DJ Rainer Krispel

Moonrise - Songs einer Reise durch die Nacht
Am 5.6. wird NOVI SAD im B 72 die neue Doppel-CD RISE pr?sentieren. An diesem Abend werden die vielf?ltigen musikalischen Seiten der Band ausgelotet. Ob perkussiv oder in voller Bandbegleitung, das Programm der Musikgruppe NOVI SAD vereint progressive Songs zwischen Folk-Rock, Pop und Chanson. Lyrisch-narrative, vertr?umte halbakustische Lieder treffen auf pure Rock-Songs und innovativen Folk-Rock vom feinsten. NOVI SAD beweisen Mut zur Ver?nderung und verstehen es auch, mit ihrem aktuellen Werk RISE zu ?berraschen. Die Musik unterstreicht die ausdrucksstarke Stimme von S?ngerin Evelyn Blumenau, die den songs ihre Seele verleiht und f?r die Unverwechselbarkeit von NOVI SAD steht.

NOVI SAD is one of the most experienced Austrian bands, both in terms of live performances and studio works. NOVI SAD exists since 1989. The name - a play on words - means ?new setting?, ?new garden? or ?nouvelle tristesse?. However, it became programmatic to our music, which is different to the simple minded categories of standard music. Critics labeled our music ?electric chamber beat?, ?something new?, ?art pop?, ?mellow avantgarde?, ?best pure pop?, ?jazz-, folk- or chanson-rock? etc.

Anyhow, it is always music with attitude; doesn?t matter if performed in a Jazz Club, a Rock Club, an Art Cafe or in course of a wild party (e.g. the 3rd anniversary party of the Augustin, a popular newspaper for the homeless). This homepage provides all the necessary information you need to picture your own idea of NOVI SAD. Of course, there are additional media available, such as CDs, LPs, MCs or video clips. So, if you want to know more, simply call us or address your inquiry to the contact point.

Besides the numerous concerts and the couple of albums already published, NOVI SAD was always active in crossover actions with other artists and showmen in order to make the audience laugh, cry or drunken. In that sense, NOVI SAD composed the music for two short movies by the female Austrian music director Gaby Mathes: ?Gonna fuck you back to the stoneage? (approx. 12 min.) and the radical feminist trash assault ?Alarmstufe Rot? (approx. 35 min.) featuring Evi B. as lead actress.

Another important co-operation is that with the Austrian painter Robert Resac, who did not only paint the covers to ?dreaming starts here?, ?super oder normal? and ?europe's.other.side? but also performed with NOVI SAD live in some funny happenings (i.e. above the band members on top of a high ladder with a copy machine and a lot of ideas).

Worth mentioning is also NOVI SAD?s co-operation with Austrian writers in combined music-reading performances, which always caused additional good vibrations.

Last but not least, one should not forget our musical co-operation - both in terms of live performance and studio work - with admirable and lovely musicans like Siggi Ecker, Ronnie Urini, Ohmnibus, the Dow Jones Index Brothers and others.


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