Sun, 11.01.2009
Doors Open: 21:00
Hjaltal?n (ISL) + Effi (A)
Price: AK 12€ VVK 10€ erm. VVK 9€
Hjaltal?n are Iceland?s newest about-to-be export. Having been nominated for five of March 2008's Icelandic Music Awards they went on to win Best Songwriter - H?gni Egilsson - and The Brightest Hope. They have been nominated for next year's Time for Peace Music and Film Awards for the song 'The Trees Don't Like the Smoke'. Their debut album 'Sleepdrunk Seasons', released to great acclaim in Iceland last December, was produced by Benni Hemm Hemm and Gunni Tynes of m?m. The album is out now in Scandinavia and will hit the UK in November and the rest of Europe in January 2009.

The release will be followed by a Europe-wide tour, including the UK in January. Hjaltal?n currently have a new song, ?Thu komst vid hjartad ? m?r?, now topping the charts in Iceland. It?s a cover of a song by Iceland Disco singer Paul Oscar and translates as ?You Touched My Heart?. In Iceland Hjaltal?n have played with artist such Jens Lekman, Akron/Family, Danielson, Annuals and Bloc Party; the last two at last years' Iceland Airwaves festival at the same venue on the same evening. They have only played outside of Iceland a handful of times. Hjaltal?n are from Reykjavik, a band as promising as any of the other beautiful and eclectic artists the country has thrown up. With eight members, it?s difficult to know whether to call them a small orchestra, a mutated and overgrown rock band or something else entirely. Besides the regular guitar, bass and drums, the band also comprises piano, accordion, bassoon, clarinet, cello and a violin, complementing the exquisite lilt of H?gni and Sigga's vocals. This unique group of instrumentalists form an allegiance which already has a very solid fan base amongst both critics and the public on home ground. The rest of the world lies in wait and will surely be theirs in due course...


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