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Pure Reason Revolution doesn?t fit in any prevailing scene but have a sound marries all that is good in rock ?n? roll, an infectious blend of contemporary dance rhythms, pop hooks, sublime vocal harmonies and ?huge? rock riffs.

A love of surreal art and a passion for music are the twin driving forces shared by Jon Courtney and Chloe Alper whose Reading based friendship (even before the band was formed) sparked the ideas that became PRR and the surrealistic sonic journey of The Dark Third, their explosive debut album.

?A jaw-droppingly ambitious feat?updating the legacies of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin with the earth-shattering heaviness of modern masters like of the greatest new bands in Britain.? ? Rocksound. (9/10)

?A more sophisticated blend of barrier breaking ambition and keenly attuned pop sensibility would be hard to find? ? Uncut.

?Balancing Magic Numbers harmonies, recalcitrant laptops and punishing Slayer interludes??.We?ve gone ga ga.? - NME.

?Big, timeless and fantastic.? ? The Fly.

?Exploding into the biggest, mightiest guitar riff you?ve heard in your life....the kind that fuelled the very legends of rock.? - Drowned In Sound.

?Like the Superfurries, PRR master the contrast between blissed out inner-space odysseys and rocking abandon?? Uncut. ****

?Agonisingly now, strange and intriguing. Luke Lewis ? Q

?From Nirvana to The Chemical Brothers and The Beach Boys....their debut sounds like nothing else? ? The Independent.

Now signed to Superball Music their second album is now due for release in early 2009 and promises to be equally provocative. As yet untitled it is likely to once again take a musical journey but this time of a very different kind?with influences as varied as Justice, NIN and Depeche Mode. Angry in parts, a few shades darker elsewhere but still with their signature harmonies and those big riffs!
Unlike their debut album two is produced/recorded and almost exclusively mixed by Jon Courtney but Paul Northfield (who co-produced The Dark Third) appears with a mixing credit on two tracks.

The line-up has changed over the last couple of years. Jamie Willcox replaced original guitarist Greg Jong and Paul Glover replaced original drummer (and Jon?s brother) Andrew Courtney in Nov 2006. Jim Dobson also left at the same time but was not replaced.
Now a four-piece the live band are; Jon Courtney (vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming), Chloe Alper (vocals, keyboards, bass), Jamie Wilcox (guitars, keyboards, vocals) and Paul Glover (Drums)

While musical influences are diverse, lyrical inspiration is often derived from dreams. ?We?re fascinated with the questions raised about the origins and meanings of dreams. By the time we die we?ll have spent more than six years of our life dreaming, and a third of our lives asleep.?

The line between reality and dreams skews in serendipitous fashion when Jon approaches writing. ?I write about snapshots of life, observations, moments, experiences and other people?s experiences. I seem to write when on that edge of consciousness and just slipping into a dream world. The lyrics are symbols of my imagination and you are left to identify them or not.

During 2007 they toured most of the UK and ?mainland? Europe and in Feb-March 09 will undertake their most ambitious headline tour so far. Expected to be between 30-40 shows it will cover, The Netherlands, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia and more..


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