Thu, 26.03.2009
Doors Open: 21:00
Der gute Club spezial: Seewiesenfest Ausw?rtsspiel
Price: AK 10€ VVK 8€

[Indie-Musik mit Gitarre und so...]

Seit mittlerweile acht Jahren fixer Bestandteil des B72-Programms:
Der monatliche (immer am letzten Donnerstag des Monats stattfindende) "Gute Club" aus den F?ngen des ink-Universums.
Tanzbares aus der Konserve und Actionreiches von der B?hne, Neues & Sch?nes, viel Strom und viel Gitarre - hier wohnt der Rocknroll :-)
Hosting-DJs der Saison 2007/08: Skofield & The Cowboykiller

Well I?m not exactly happy, and I?m not exactly sad?

Feeling Feline Tonight is Antennas' second album, after their debut "Sins" in 2006. On Feeling Feline Tonight, Antennas are channeling their energy into creating something they define as Balkan boogie, slacker anthems and stalker pop.

The sound is furious in a bittersweet way. There seems to be a basis of anger and frustration in the lyrics that explode into forward moving guitars and hectic drums. The music both caresses and hits you with the same hand. Feeling Feline Tonight is unpredictable?

Antennas started out as NOVAK on the isle of Gotland in the middle of the Baltic Sea. After some touring and a couple of Ep's they made the decision to explore new grounds. Some members quit and today they line up as the trio named ANTENNAS. Swedish label Novoton (also from Gotland) picked up Novak at an early stage and has released all of their creations so far.

Antennas bring out that feeling of anger and despair, when you know that it is too late. When all you can do is to scream out your fury and hope that it will eventually bleed out of your body, so your hurting finally stops. Those feelings can also be found in such diverse references as Arcade Fire's languorous melodies, Nick Cave's dark voice, Dinosaur Jr's angry guitars and Silver Apple's frenetic keyboards. The members claim themselves that they were more than inspired by KLF's The Manual when they wrote some of the songs; "if it's good enough for Scooter it's good enough for Antennas."

In their minds, the result of their efforts should some day make Antennas the indie-Backstreet Boys of the world, but that will probably remain only in their minds?

The album was recorded and produced together with Swedish producer Magnus Henriksson, (aka artist Existensminimum) somewhere in the Swedish woods. He could be called the 4th Antenna this time, as he contributes with keyboards and bass on several songs, besides the members Johnny (guitar), Christian (vocals) and Henric (drums).


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