Sun, 04.10.2009
Doors Open: 20:00
Price: AK 12€ VVK 10€
Voodoo Hop presents:
Psychobillynight with

For a frighteningly long time The Hangmen have been creating & developing a punk/rockabilly hybrid under the generic term of ?Psychobilly?.
The band has gigged and toured consistently throughout - releasing no less than seven albums along with countless compilation appearances, singles and even the odd art movie cameo. Having never ran with any pack they've pursued and evolved their raw hi-octane rock & roll formula with guts, distinction and attitude, becoming influential in the process.
Sustained live performances across the UK, USA, Canada and most of Western Europe endorse the fact that this is a formidable and unique live band matching it?s word-of-mouth reputation. Live highlights include their movie-shot New York Rumble Festival appearance, performing at NYCs legendary CBGBs and the distinction of ?Live-pick-of-the-week? in the national music press during a Canadian tour. They are choice support to touring acts such as Hellkat Records? Transplants, Nekromantix or Tiger Army, and when not headlining in their own right are regularly seen warming up the masses for rejuvenated Punk-era heroes .
Primeval energy with distinctive material and style form the riotous bones of The Hangmens revamped, punk-stained, dirty Rock & Roll - ranted & hammered out by the trio at full throttle on one nasty guitar ("Lucy", a Frankenstein like creation custom built and baptised in a New Orleans Voodoo temple), mercilessly punished drums and a supercharged double-bass - topped off with a bloodcurdling wrath of vocal rage. In a hectic hail of sweat, noise & sneers they satire a menacingly bizarre world with cynical wit, perception and challenge - revelling in defiant hysteria at their own unsavoury, unpredictable visions.
Seven 'cult classic' albums released by small independent labels sell (and sell out) consistently to an ever expanding fanbase despite limited and erratic distribution. Their latest singles ?Spring Heeled Jack? and 'The Curse' attract further favourable reviews not to mention BBC airplay. And now in 2007 their finest, most anticipated and fastest selling opus to date - the new album Cacklefest! Described as a dark concoction of spare monster parts, pieces of crashed dragsters and lost voodoo artefacts!
As ?industry outsiders? they?ve achieved ongoing and gathering interest against the odds, and as such continue crafting new material to compliment an already prolific repertoire. Surviving and thriving where most had fallen, stumbled or hibernated away hoping for better days, The Hangmen are the Rock & Roll graveyard gang that sweat, bleed and piss it - so when you're ready to get down to it just remember The Hangmen are already down there ready, kicking it up and keeping it hot.
They have momentum, they have originality and they have relentless energy. What do you do with a band like that?...
Hell knows..!


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