Mon, 25.01.2010
Doors Open: 20:00
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Madita. Her debut album in 2005 assured us that Divas were not extinct. That emancipated femininity in all that she touches or sings surrounds you like opium, or cedar. So grounded and yet simultaneously so freeing. A hint of red, a little blue, and drenched in purple. Colors that play in your ears and reach into your soul. Heartaches that leave no scars, but the impression of having been touched. Her lyrics are of love and life, flirtatiously balanced with the irony of both. A play of words metaphorically cloaked to sneak into the subconscience. They produce the pure emotions that spread so wonderfully through you upon contact. That?s Madita- sensual, sensitive, seductive, and very critical. All these criteria flow through Madita?s works, though her producer and co-writer dZihan also plays a significant role. This man makes the brass dance and the bass swing- and, by the way, he plays them all himself. He breathes the spirit of past and present into the music. A playful blend of clich?s and innovation, bringing a necessary freshness to our present day, bringing the listener to a quick addiction. A sweet dependence that one does not soon wish to lose. No one will doubt when I say that the new album, ?too?, is simply breathtaking. Not just proving their abilities as a duo, no, they manage to outdo themselves. Together they make associations that are more than simply heard; they are wrapped up like little surprises. ?Better Brother?, ?Deep Down?, ?Because?, and all the other songs have the ability to conjure pictures, which strung together create a film in which anyone can assume the leading role if they like. A magnificent play of senses is begun with a press of the play button, which does not end with the last song. Music that continues to swing and plant itself elsewhere. 13 new works that work their way into your every cell, causing a Maditation effect. Absolute satisfaction, and a desire for more. Together the two are unbeatable, the founders of a new era of pop with claim and style- quality that is reflected in the manner of their work. Madita and dZihan are well known for the complexity of their productions. Songs were recorded in different studios, lending a unique sound spectrum to each track. From crystal clear to snowy, the entire range is explored, though always with the same focus- to present Madita in her full brilliance. Whoever has seen Madita live knows that these two are a winning combination. With their intense sense of pleasure in making music, you wouldn?t put anything past them. And now if you?ll excuse me, the addiction is calling for Maditation?


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