Tue, 18.05.2010
Doors Open: 20:00
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DJ SMARTIN (Alternative Saturday Night / Fame Boardrider Club)

HEYMIKE! started in 1998 in the garage of lead singer/guitarist Steven Neufeld?s father?s home in Bakersfield, CA. He began to record HEYMIKE!?s first record without decent musical or recording equipment. After completing the record playing almost every musical instrument on almost every song, he posted the record on garageband.com. Neufeld watched in amazement as one of his songs, ?I want you in Tears? shot to number one on the site. Many of his other songs had similar outcomes and his recordings also did well on old sites such as MP3.com and its contemporaries. Neufeld put together a group of his friends and did a small tour which would account for HeyMike?s first shows.

Meanwhile, current HEYMIKE! drummer Justin ?Juice? Cabrera was playing in Tooth & Nail Alumni CRAIGS?s BROTHER who were looking for a replacement for lead guitarist and current INSPECTION 12 singer Dan McClintock after he went home to Jacksonville, FL. That?s when the boys from CRAIGS?s BROTHER ran across Neufeld?s recordings, and after an audition, the 17 year old founder of HEYMIKE! found himself on worldwide tours with CRAIG?s BROTHER.

At about this time, current HEYMIKE! lead-guitarist Ben Harper had moved his band, YELLOWCARD, to the west coast of the U.S. from Jacksonville, FL. As YELLOWCARD went up it just happened that CRAIG?S BROTHER started to wind down and Juice and Neufeld quickly found themselves out of work with nothing to do. Ben Harper started up his label, the infamous Takeover Records, and signed their first act, STOLE YOUR WOMAN in summer of ?02. Insert current HEYMIKE! bassist Josh McDonald who played with STOLE YOUR WOMAN?s lead singer Travis Dixon in Ventura, CA punk band ALL IN GOOD TIME. After the signing of STOLE YOUR WOMAN, McDonald also found himself without a job and at Dixon?s request contacted Juice about restarting HEYMIKE! with Neufeld.

When Ben Harper found out about these three talented musicians putting together HEYMIKE! again, he quickly contacted Juice and began talks pertaining to a record deal. HEYMIKE! signed to Takeover Records in ?03 and released the EP ?Embrace Your Hooks,? in ?04. The band went on to play nearly 300 shows in the next year including appearances on Warped Tour and tours with bands like, AUTO-PILOT OFF, THE STARTING LINE, THE MATCHES, and PULLEY among others. HEYMIKE! also toured the entire southern U.S. with YELLOWCARD on their Ocean Avenue Tour. ?Embrace Your Hooks,? would go on to sell just over 10,000 records and the success of the EP helped put HEYMIKE! on the map as a small club headliner and successful band.

HeyMike would record their self titled LP in ?05 and release it in August of ?06. The album did well being sold nationwide on Takeover Records under Caroline distribution, but the band went on hiatus shortly after the release and would stay that way until 2008. The years from ?06-?08 had some lineup changes, a few shows and even a small tour, but HeyMike didn?t really get back on the horse until late in ?08 after a stunning addition to the band.

In ?06 Ben Harper and YELLOWCARD parted ways so that he could concentrate on his label. Harper signed bands such as the, x-Honest Don?s INSPECTION 12, x-Fat Wreck Chord?s BRACKET, he helped return CRAIG?S BROTHER to prominence and re-released old YELLOWCARD albums to bring further visibility to his label. Finally with his record label doing well Ben decided to jump back on his guitar with HEYMIKE!. McDonald also re-joined the band late in 2008 and the band signed with the Chaos Label in Japan and toured internationally early in ?09. HEYMIKE! played shows in Southern California and got back to the studio in the fall of ?09. They have recently finished recording their 3rd full length album due to be released in spring of 2010 and the future now seems as bright as it ever has for this now veteran punk band.

?This will be the best HeyMIke! record to date, without a doubt. The band has matured, everyone knows their roles, and we have never been more in tune together as a unit. The four of us have worked together now for seven years and the band just passed its ten year anniversary. We can?t wait for this album to come out,? says Josh McDonald, bassist of HeyMike!.

CANCER, das neuste Projekt des Baslers Joel Bader, hat noch kein Jahr Bestand und doch schon die erste Tour sowie das Debut-Album "FAMILY, MUSIC, ME" vorzuweisen. Aufgenommen und co-produziert wurde das erste Lebenszeichen der Formation von Clemens Matznick (Donots, Guano Apes, Revolverheld, Rammstein etc.).

Bereits seit dem 16. Lebensjahr rockt der S?nger und Gitarrist die B?hnen im In- und Ausland. Nachdem seine letzte Band sich 2008 aufl?ste, er?ffnet Joel mit CANCER ein sehr biografisches und pers?nliches Kapitel und res?miert damit sein bisheriges Dasein. 2009 konnte die Reise los gehen: Release ihres ersten Longplayers ?ber Fastball/Sony Music am 30.4.2010, eine einmonatige Europa Tour, Toursupport f?r "Jupiter Jones", gefolgt von einer eigenen Tour im November und im mai 2010 eine Tour mit "HeyMike!" (die neue Band des Ex-Yellowcard Gitarristen) durch Europa.

Link: http://www.myspace.com/heymike

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