Wed, 07.07.2010
Doors Open: 20:00
Price: Eintritt frei!
Gregor M?ller
Denis Yashin

Was ist Backstage? Eine gute Mischung aus Sound, Stimmung, Kunst und neuen Medien. Ein Raum hinter den Kulissen welcher zum Party machen einl?d. Eine Veranstaltung mit theatralischem Charme und k?nstlerischer Seele bei der Spa? im Vordergrund steht.
Was erwartet dich? feiern, verkleiden, tanzen, trinken, schreien, Freunde treffen - nichts neues aber trotzdem ist es jedes Mal ein wenig anders.

Denis Yahin
The history of Belchatnik started in 2005 with making parties at abandoned factories near Novosibirsk, Russia - it was something like early techno-raves in 1990-s. That was a lot of fun, music and nice people, but after a couple years hard and punky times were over, and our sound moved to something slow, deep and groovy, but for sure with a relation to techno music.

Then in 2007 we moved to Moscow and later - to Austria. Now we are located in Vienna.

Thinking about the music we can say that we really love everything what sounds on its own. We appreciate attempts of people to find their own way instead of using standard presets and sounds, and in our work we as well try doing that as much as possible.

Making parties is always a kind of art on its own for us. We love to make everything in such a way that you don't just go to the party but have something special to remember on the next day and later on.

Gregor M?ller
Gregor M?ller is the man from the East who swapped Dresden for the Austrian Capitol Vienna in 2006. Since then he has become well known in the local electronic music scene, mostly due to his affection for the record player and mixer. It is from those two essential DJ elements that Gregor M?ller gets his ingredients for a sound that reaches from deephouse music to electro- and minimaltechno and satisfies anyone who likes to sweat on the dance floor. In well-known Viennese Clubs like the ?Fluc?, the ?Badeschiff? or the ?Cameraclub? Gregor M?ller already showed off his immense talent as a DJ. It is not only the electro-scene that?s grateful for this but also the party hosts because Gregor M?ller keeps the dance floor busy and sweaty. Furthermore, he?s a member of the ?Sch?nbrunner Technobande? and a Co-organiser of the cutting-edge ?Filterqueen? events. Both names not only stand for a creative and musical freedom in the Austrian music but also define the Viennese electronic-scene on which Gregor M?ller?s influence is clearly noticeable. Everyone feels, that the essence of Gregor M?ller?s driving and groovy beats stem from the fact, that he produces them through honesty, both to himself and his music. Gregor M?ller, the man from the East with the special Viennese flavour.


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