Wed, 18.08.2010
Doors Open: 20:00
Price: Eintritt frei!

Pitch Like Masses is a quartet of artists who play emotionally charged experimental music. Their influences range from west African rhythms, jazz, ambient, heavy rock, folk, and club. Each of the four musicians brings a unique set of talents making Pitch Like Masses an organically versatile musical experience.
The Band
Pitch Like Masses Pitch Like Masses is a unique sonic experience conducted by four innovative musicians. They take you on a journey through sharp beats, melodic sound collages, and peaceful textural valleys. PLM is made up of frontman Billy Mark, a versatile poet, rapper, singer and performer with a deep command of language; Jonathan Armstrong, a multi-instrumentalist who applies his unique musical talent and vision to the MPC sampler and acoustic reed instruments. Kari Rae Seekins is an accomplished sound designer for film and installation who brings her expertise of ambiance and texture to the PLM sound; and Andrew Lessman, an electrifying drummer and wildly gifted musician who gives the group a strong pulse as it moves between floats between soundscape and hard hitting grooves.

The band's front man is Billy Mark. Not only a gifted poet, writer and composer, Billy is an engrossing performer able to easily weave through soft spoken word, beautiful singing melodies, forceful rapping, strong rock lead vocals and fiery guitar work. His freestyle skill is undeniable and his stage presence is captivating.

Multi-Instrumentalist Jonathan Armstrong is a driving musical force in the ensemble playing mostly an MPC 2000 analog sampler supplemented with Saxophone, Clarinet, Flutes and Bass. A prolific composer and accomplished musician, Jonathan provides the groove foundation for PLM to build on with his sampler, and will often fly into emotionally charged saxophone solos to cascade over the ensemble.

Kari Rae Seekins is an accomplished sound designer for internationally award winning films. Her natural talent for sound tapestries and ambient textures fits perfectly in PLM. She contributes warm pads, and other creative color changes to the band's sound. She manipulates Ableton Live triggered by an MPD 32 digital sampler in order to create sonic peaks and valleys.

Andrew Lessman is a powerful force on the drums who's skill shines in the open structure of PLM. He has studied Ghanaian drumming compositions in order to add to his strong jazz performance background. He has a high energy style that drives the group while his musical sensibilities allow for great contributions during stretches of subdued sound painting. Andrew?s drumming outlines inherent rhythms swarming around the ensemble and makes them dance.


Ondulada genie?t es hinter dem Mischpult, mit seiner geschmackvollen Auswahl an Tracks das Publikum beim lauschen zu berauschen. Mit dem Gesp?r f?r ad?quate elektronische Funktionsmusik wird das Publikum zum genussvollen schwingen der Tanzbeine verlockt.
Von massiv bis passiv - fantastisch elastisch!


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