Fri, 06.04.2018
Doors Open: 20:00
PAENDA (A) Album Release - Danach: GOING UNDERGROUND
Price: Pay as you wish!
Come and celebrate the release of "EVOLUTION I"!

The Viennese singer, musician and producer PAENDA just released her debut album, following up on her first two singles “Waves” and “Good Girl”. One note and it’s clear that EVOLUTION I is far more than an easy-to-pigeonhole electronic pop LP. The musician took her time to find her unique sound.

For two years she dedicated her heart and soul to her music in order to actualize her vision; this dedication is audible in each and every note. EVOLUTION I consists of twelve songs that at times leave room for contemplation, for singing out loud and – always – for dancing. Strong beats are the backbone of the producer’s songs. The synthesizers are sometimes big, shrill and spectacular, sometimes soft and spherical. In the foreground: PAENDA’s voice, talking about inner strength, emancipation, love and finding one’s self.

Danach Going Underground: DJs Wasted And Ready & Karl
Back to the roots: Der Indie Music Club zum Tanzen, zum Feiern, zum Zuhören. Präsentiert vom neuen Going Underground DJ-Team. Die next big things, die old heroes, die one hit wonders, alle sind sie mit von der Partie. And you! Be there, go different!


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