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THE PSYCHOTIC MONKS (FR) / enns (AT) / Lillie Creatures (AT)

13.07.2023 20:00 / Tickets / Event

a dream comes true: The Psychotic Monks are coming to Vienna to play a show with us for ----- 3,5 fucking years ------ we've been working on making this happen and now it finally will

Hailing from Paris, The Psychotic Monks are one of the heaviest noise rock/post punk forces on the continent. Pounding drums, rhythms that make you wanna punch the air, atmospheric breaks, industrial jangling, all displayed in an intense live performance.
They are definitely one of the best live bands we've ever seen
For Fans of: Swans, Fat White Family, Meatbodies, IDLES, Throbbing Gristle
"[...] Because their third album "Pink Colour Surgery" is the their coldest, weirdest, most unhinged offering to date.
That is no bad thing. TPM are at their best when plumbing the most abstract, uncompromised depths of their imaginations, and the way in which they weave hip-swinging rhythms through the twisty seven-and-a-half minutes of uber-knowingly-titled second track Post-Post- or pick a gentle Mogwai-esque melody from the dissonance of Décors feels truly masterful. [...]"
- Kerrang!
supported by a - in our perspectives - beautifully fitting line-up that complements and adds to the energy presented by the psychotic monks

enns - the new project by Kenji Araki and YBSole!
Post 2010 Internetpop and experimental club sounds inform their sentimental retelling of well-known desires. enns’ affective live shows and vocal performances reflect the experiences of wandering through the night, lost and hurt but at least you’re with friends. their first single is set to release in late summer.

Lillie Creatures - a one-girl-band of Austrian origin.
Haunting vocal-harmonies, acoustic guitar and effect pedals synthesize ethereal melodies and pulsating loops into an idiosyncratic micro-orchestra. Otherworldly with a punk-hearted tweak, her compositions unfold in kaleidoscopic songs, oscillating somewhere between psychedelia, post-avantgarde folk and acoustic space. Her performance will be accompanied by mesmerizing visuals complementing and adding to the ethereal musical performance.

this whole show will be our biggest event this year and we're so excited to welcome you there. it was a shit ton of work and so worth it

please consider buying pre-sale tickets as it makes evertyhing more calculable for us. the more we sell in pre-sale, the cheaper we can make the tickets at the doors (of course, pre-sale will always be cheaper). all the money goes to the bands and our expenses, but you know that. thank you so much!
and shout-outs to kupfticket

here you can find pre-sale tickets:
(there's two categories. if you have a bit more money lying around atm, consider supporting the musicians a bit more )

as always: love is in the air, assholes will be kicked into fresh air. be kind, love music, tell the people at the entrance or behind the bar if someone bothers you. bussis